Sabtu, 13 September 2014

used mercedes benz

The service also includes checking of the brake pads and discs. Hood hinges are lubricated and lock cylinders are inspected. It is recommended that only factory-trained and certified technicians be allowed to perform the A-Service on your vehicle. If problems arise because of poor handling by unauthorized mechanics, warranty may be voided and you will expose yourself to a possible costly Mercedes Benz repair.
The B-Service - This service will be required after considerable mileage on your car is accumulated. The B-service includes some procedures done on an A-Service such as function checks, inspection of the cooling system, brakes and rotation of the tires. There are additional services provided like complete windshield service and counter resetting of the flexible service system. Axle ball joints, and the starting and charging system including the battery, and climate control refrigerant are also inspected. used mercedes benzThe B-Service is primarily done to detect any signs of normal wear and tear on your vehicle and administer prompt remedies. This is essential to avoid an impending Mercedes Benz auto repair.

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